Physical Education is an essential part of developing the whole child.

Holy Rosary PE provides students with the knowledge and skills to become physically fit through a variety of activities using movement, physical fitness, cooperation and sportsmanship. It encourages students to be physically active for a lifetime.

2021-2022 PE Schedule:

KA-Monday, Thursday                                                                        KB-Tuesday, Thursday

1A-Wednesday, Thursday                                                                  1B-Tuesday, Thursday

2A-Monday, Tuesday                                                                          2B-Tuesday, Friday

3A-Monday, Tuesday                                                                          3B-Wednesday, Thursday

4A-Monday, Wednesday                                                                     4B-Tuesday, Friday

5A-Monday, Wednesday                                                                     5B-Wednesday, Friday

6A-Monday, Thursday                                                                         6B-Tuesday, Wednesday

7A-Monday, Friday                                                                              7B-Tuesday, Friday

8A-Thurday, Friday                                                                              8B-Thursday, Friday

I look forward to a fun year in PE!


Sue Southerland

PE Specialist