Health & Fitness


Health and fitness is a very active class.  Please contact me if your child has a health issue I should be made aware of. E-mail me or send a note with your child if he/she is unable to participate for any reason.

As stated in the uniform policy, students must wear tennis shoes on days they have health and fitness.  They must have laces or Velcro.  No backless, slip on, mary jane or Toms type shoes.  No sandals or boots. If a child does not have on tennis shoes they will not be able to participate.  This is for safety reasons.

Students in grades 5-8 are required to change clothes for health and fitness. They need to wear sweats or shorts and t-shirts. As stated in the uniform policy, shorts may not be shorter than 6″ above the top of the knee.  No spandex, leggings or yoga pants. T-shirts must have sleeves.  No tank tops or spaghetti straps. If a student does not have the correct clothing or shoes, even on free dress days, it will result in a uniform infraction.

Please keep the following schedule posted at home to help remind your child/ren of their health and fitness days.

KA-Wed., Fri.

KB-Tues., Wed.

1A-Thurs., Fri.

1B-Mon., Tues.

2A & 2B-Mon.,Tues.

3A-Mon., Tues.

3B-Tues., Thurs.

4A-Mon., Thurs.

4B-Tues., Fri.

5A & 5B-Mon., Wed.

6A-Mon., Thurs.

6B-Thurs., Fri.

7A-Mon., Fri.

7B-Tues., Wed.

8A & 8B-Thurs., Fri.


Sue Southerland

Health and Fitness specialist